Well it's official - I have a bad reaction to Chanel Rouge Coco Shines :( r/o

Some of you might remember I bad reaction I had to a lip product a couple of months ago and I wasn't sure if it was the Chanel RCS (Boy), Barry M Lipliner, MAC Lady Danger or NARS Schiap. I was secretly hoping it was Barry M Lipliner which I would have happily thrown away as it didn't cost much.

So I wore no lip products until the reaction subsided (weird reaction like my lips were sunburnt) and slowly re-tried the suspects... Schiap and Lady Danger were in the clear... and last week I tried the RCS only on my bottom lip - and by evening my lips were not happy :(

*sigh* I really like the texture and colour too so I'm very sad. Good news is I'm not allergic to the regular Rouge Coco lipsticks. There must be some plumping ingredient in the RCS because I've reacted badly to plumping ingredients before.

Why, why couldn't it have been the Barry M lip liners!?

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expand whole threadWell it's official - I have a bad reaction to Chanel Rouge Coco Shines :( r/olizelle7/18/2011 5:38AM

*shuns NYT readers* You're not missing much; RCS has no longevity. Go with Rouges insteads!jennifurrl7/28/2011 4:57PM

hi, NYT! i've never had a reaction to anything on my lips except for a Lypsyl (sp?) balm thank godwillyouscream7/28/2011 12:57AM

I wish I had some taco bell.devilbunniesOKAY7/28/2011 12:49AM

** waves **flappy7/28/2011 12:42AM

Some dried my lips out BADLY, some were ok. Very strange. LelainaPierce7/18/2011 5:51AM

these killed my lips too, and quite a few other MUAers' IIRC :(madeupstories7/18/2011 5:42AM

weird - I'm OK with these but regular Rouge Coco shrivel my lipsnobelprizeforshopping7/18/2011 5:59AM

never weird :) regular RCs also dry me out, just not quite as badly/quicklymadeupstories7/18/2011 6:04AM

well at least I'm not alone! But the pretty colours! :(lizelle7/18/2011 5:47AM

I knoooooow :( *holds* I ran back to Chante Lip Chics madeupstories7/18/2011 5:47AM

How are lip chics? I have been curious about them myselfmistylovesnikras7/18/2011 5:54AM

glorious! moisturising, lush+balmy! And some shades are quite pigmented. The best in the West imo :)madeupstories7/18/2011 5:56AM

@mus's arm - *faints at one in middle*orisha_girl7/18/2011 6:19AM

*noms your arm*mistylovesnikras7/18/2011 6:08AM

*noms your arm*mistylovesnikras7/18/2011 6:08AM

my current collection: ++madeupstories7/18/2011 6:03AM

*ears perk up* oohhhhh!lizelle7/18/2011 6:00AM

*adds to list* What are your fave shades?mistylovesnikras7/18/2011 6:00AM

*sob* On the hunt now for alternatives - perhaps the Dior ones?lizelle7/18/2011 5:53AM

on me the Dior Addict are super moisturizing (sorry MUS, we're off synch on this one LOL)MariellaFromBe7/18/2011 6:02AM

cool! *mouah*MariellaFromBe7/18/2011 6:14AM

*smooches mariella anyways* you know disagreement gets me hawt :Dmadeupstories7/18/2011 6:08AM

they're nice, but I still need a balm under them :/ +madeupstories7/18/2011 5:55AM

they dried me up horribly and I hated the smell :( I'm fine with the Rouge Allures, thoughMariellaFromBe7/18/2011 5:42AM

oh I've been meaning to try RAs - I hear they are more moisturising than Rouge Coco :)lizelle7/18/2011 5:46AM

They are a whole other consistency, more creamy, feel great on lips.LelainaPierce7/18/2011 5:52AM

sold! Been on the hunt for the perfect l/s I will force the MUA to put on me on my wedding hehelizelle7/18/2011 5:54AM

And btw, I have Coquette and I totally LOVE IT. You can build it up or make it look more sheer.LelainaPierce7/18/2011 5:57AM

oh no I think it's gone from curiosity to a full lemming! But I'm on a no-buy until Chanel Fall :Olizelle7/18/2011 6:01AM

pbi they are! they're AWESOMEmadeupstories7/18/2011 5:47AM

oh yay! do you have any colour recs? been eyeing 'Coquette'lizelle7/18/2011 5:54AM

I'm afraid most of my faves were LE/DC but Coquette is super pretty! madeupstories7/18/2011 5:55AM

thanks I might swatch a couple today :)lizelle7/18/2011 5:56AM

totally! and they don't smell that awful grandma smell the RC have!MariellaFromBe7/18/2011 5:50AM

they're ALL rose-scented, bish! *duels you for honour of roses* lolmadeupstories7/18/2011 5:51AM

pbi - she also picked your pocketorisha_girl7/18/2011 6:21AM

that's not fair! lolMariellaFromBe7/18/2011 6:00AM

*humps you when you're down*madeupstories7/18/2011 5:56AM

*smells again to make sure, then faints*MariellaFromBe7/18/2011 5:54AM

awww i know how you feel. i love chanel skin care products but they break me out HORRIBLY :(( suckshotpinklips7/18/2011 5:40AM

Wow! really? :( I was thinking of trying that beaute initiale what's its name cream..but won't nowneveranaddict7/28/2011 6:01AM

so sad - might be the fragrance in the skincare? been wanting to try their spf toolizelle7/18/2011 5:55AM

so sorry :( evie11217/18/2011 5:40AM